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Jessica Pankiw
Pathways and Partnership Development Manager

Email: jessica.pankiw@laureate.edu.au
Telephone: +61466936210

Torrens Website: https://www.torrens.edu.au/ 

Torrens University Australia provides higher education with a difference. We understand that education is important, lifelong and crucially, that it should be for everyone. As part of the Laureate International Universities network, we are able to reach a multitude of students at various stages of their lives and their careers. Offering an array of degrees, diplomas and now short courses, we aim to deliver on-demand learning - anywhere, anytime. 

Partnerships remain critical to Torrens University success, and our aim is to work alongside our partners, with whom we share strategic aims and core values. These are partners that are transparent, innovative, and are focused on putting education as one of their core values.

By offering our suite of FREE short courses to our partners and associates, we are hoping that you will benefit and gain further knowledge and understanding in the area that you are wanting to grow and develop your skills 

If you don't have the time to commit to full-time study, our short courses will help you get started. They cover a wide range of topic areas that are aligned with current and future industry demands. They're also:

  • Just one hour long each
  • Comprised of written content, videos and quizzes
  • Developed by experienced industry professionals
  • Designed to help you hone specific industry skills
  • Entirely flexible - study during your lunch break!

Why complete a short course with Torrens University Australia?

We’ve taken care to make sure that these courses are relevant and applicable to your career from day one. Armed with your recently-developed knowledge, you’ll excel, with far more confidence than you’ve ever had before.

Torrens University Australia proudly collaborates with some of the key players across industries, ensuring that everything you learn will be of absolute value; not just theoretically but practically as well.

Not everybody has the time or finances to complete a degree, so our short courses offer alternatives to dedicated and driven individuals with or without current qualifications. To avoid stress, each course can be studied around your current work and personal commitments.

Take each short course at your own pace, and if you want, you can always come back for more.  If you're interested in pursuing furthers study with us, do not hesitate to reach out to me to discuss your study and career aspirations.  I am available to have a chat about mapping out a study plan to ensure that you will reach your career aspirations and be set upfront your future!

Good Luck… Happy Studying!